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Globally Inspired Home Decor

We founded our company on the love of globally inspired home décor items and the belief that products that are handmade by workers with fair working conditions are better than cookie cutter items. Our designs take inspiration from beaches to mountain towns, which we believe will add cultural appreciation to your life and home. We also believe in preserving the Earth as much as possible, which is why our global style décor is comprised of natural, sustainable, and recyclable materials. We make our material and design choices based on the idea of bringing natural beauty to any and every room in your home. We hope this inspires you to visit and respect other cultures around the world. Shop our collection of globally inspired home décor items today!

Featured Items

Rattan chairs

Amazing craftsmanship and "Ethnic Chic" design make our Mandalay Chair a must have at your dining table, or front porch.  Available in arm or side chair in White Washed or Antique Brown finish.

Rattan Bath Collection

We have a wide assortment of trays, tissue box holders, toilet paper holder, waste baskets, and laundry and towel holders.  

Recycled beach glass

Brings back memories of walking on the beach and collecting cool beach glass that washed upon the shore.  Each glass vase is made from recycled glass and hand blown and finished. 

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