Stone Buddha Earth Witness Mudra

'Earth witness' mudra. This mudra, in primitive style, formed with all five fingers of the right hand extended to touch the ground, symbolizes the Buddha's enlightenment under the bodhi tree, when he summoned the earth goddess, Sthavara, to bear witness to his attainment of enlightenment. The right hand, placed upon the right knee in earth-pressing mudra, and complemented by the left hand-which is held flat in the lap in the dhyana mudra of meditation, symbolizes the union of method and wisdom, samasara and nirvana, and also the realizations of the conventional and ultimate truths. It is in this posture that Shakyamuni overcame the obstructions of Mara while meditating on Truth. Material: Volcanic ash with cement mixture. Protect during winter months by covering with plastic or simply bring in under a covered porch or garage. Approx. 6x3.5x7.5"H.

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